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Walkman cumple 30 años (II) From Stethoscopes to Headphones

Headphones are the norm. The new addiction replacing smoking, headphones frame the head and the perception of most urbanites today in some form or other. Whether commuting with an iPod, exercising to the radio, talking on a hands-free cellphone… or actually listening to music, headphones create a mobile and continually changing architecture that follows the listener, wrapping them in a private bubble. As the world rapidly interfaces, overlaps and confronts the boundaries of Private and Public through technologies and legislation, headphones become a quiet and invisible site of investigation. The audio tracks in this collection attempt to define a body of work that is fundamentally connected to the phenomenon of headphone listening

Headphones: Sound Without Space

From Stethoscopes to Headphones: An Acoustic Spatialization of Subjectivity: Charles Stankievech

Filed under: aural, políticas, textos, walkman

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